Admission Tickets
General Admission

Tickets purchased here cost slightly less than if purchased at the door or over the phone, so we encourage you to buy web tickets in advance of your visit.

Please note: All tickets indicate 10:00am, but they are valid for anytime during the date selected. All tickets are also good for (consecutive) two-day admission. Access to any special exhibitions that may currently be running is included in general admission.

If the list of tickets is not showing up below this text, click on the small, circular arrow icon to the right side of this screen.

To purchase tickets: Click the dark-blue rectangle immediately above the list of tickets to select the date of your visit. Confirm that the correct visit date is now displayed in the white boxes below the ticket categories, then select the number/type of tickets needed.

Child tickets may not be reserved without the purchase of adult/senior tickets. A maximum of 4 Child tickets may be selected per adult/senior ticket. These free Child tickets are not valid for school groups; student trips MUST be booked in advance through Group Services.

Click here for JULY FREE TICKETS

Tickets for any other days on which the Museum offers FREE admission to everyone are not available online. Simply check in at the Admissions Desk upon arrival to get your tickets.

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 (ages 22-64)
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 (ages 13-21 or with college ID)
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 (ages 12 & under)
Although child tickets are free, you should select this ticket, if applicable.

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 (ages 65+, ID required)
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